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Planning our Curriculum

Robert Sandilands Primary School and Nursery work hard to plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriuculum.  In order to do this, the staff and governors are divided into Curriculum Area Teams (CATs) to work together to ensure coverage and progression across all curriculum areas.  The teams are:

-Language:  English and Foreign Languages

-Maths:  Maths

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development:  PSHE, SEND, Safeguarding

-Knowledge of the World:  Science, History, Geography, DT and RE

-Creative Arts:  Art and Design and Music 

-PE:  PE

-Information Communication Technology:  Computing and IT Provision.

Our Curriculum


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Our aims in teaching mathematics are that all children will:

    -enjoy the subject and study it with confidence and a sense of achievement;

    -achieve a high standard in numeracy and a range of other mathematical skills;

    -apply these skills with confidence and understanding when solving problems.

The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of the subject are categorised into seven areas within the 2014 Primary National Curriculum: Number and place value; Addition and subtraction; Multiplication and division; Fractions; Measurement; Properties of shapes; Position and direction; Statistics. Although the National Curriculum and the Robert Sandilands Schemes of Work are organised into these areas, pupils are encouraged to make rich connections between mathematical ideas.

Below are links to a range of documents that give more detail about mathematics at Robert Sandilands. These include our Mathematics Policy, Calculation Policy, and Schemes of Work Overview.


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Design and Technology

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Art and Design

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Physical Education

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Information Communication Technology is well resourced.  We have an ICT Suite with 20 computers and an interactive smartboard, a mobile suite of 32 netbook computers and a mobile set of 30 iPads.  As well as this technology, each class area has at least one computer, as well as teacher based resources including a smartboard, to enhance the children’s learning.  The computers have a broad range of age appropriate software to meet the needs of the Computing curriculum, as well as programs to enrich the learning across the other subject areas.  The school has landline and wireless access to the internet and has a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) offering a safe and secure area for the children learn about,  and explore, class community communication, as well as access to learning libraries and activities.  We also subscribe to further educational websites that the children can access in school and at home: dB, Spellodrome, Espresso and PurpleMash. 

The Computing Curriculum at Robert Sandilands is designed to meet the requirements of the NC2014.  It is planned to develop skills and knowledge across the school in seven key areas, namely: Understanding Files and Networks, Using Texts, Images and Sounds, Data Collection and Use, Research Skills, Programming and E-safety.  The learning links to the topic being studied that term wherever possible, with year group or phase specific targets to allow for progression through the school. 

For further details, please see the documentation below.

(Curriculum documents to be added)


Useful links for advice for e-safety for parents:





Also, all apps  have a support, help and safety area,

e.g. www.facebook.com/safety


Useful link for classes:



Here are some usefule factsheets:


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